Monday, June 13, 2011

Decades of Dollars Commercial Shoot!

Here are a few photos from a commerical shoot I worked on in May with talented puppeteers Tyler Bunch, Ted Michaels and Lucky Yates. The geese puppets, Gary and Marty, were created by the Henson Workshop in L.A. for the Georgia Lottery's "Decades of Dollars" campaign. We shot 8, 7-second commercials in 2 days. Most have already begun airing. Lots of fun to work with this bunch of folks.
Tyler Bunch with Gary

David Stephens

Birds gotta drive..

Wrangler, Amy Rush; Lucky Yates and Ted Michaels

Lucky, Ted and Amy (and Marty)

Amy Rush

Ted Michaels and Marty

David Stephens, Tyler Bunch and Gary