Friday, April 23, 2010

"Trying to Lose a Raincloud" music video!

Here's a little music video I created along with the help of some Atlanta puppeteers and Portfolio Center film students. Andrea Dorsey contacted me in January about the possibility of creating a music video for one of my songs. Then I told her I was also a puppeteer. Click on the link to see the results.

Of all the songs on my upcoming album, "A Year and Some Change," this one seemed to lend itself the best to being done with puppets. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. The video was shot in one pass (after 18 takes) with a mostly stationary camera, the way the early Muppet and Sesame Street bits were done. And instead of intruding chickens or penguins, I've got raindrops. Its really a big homage to my Muppet performer heroes.

Scottie Rowell helped greatly with puppet building and costuming Gloomy, our leading ... uh .... man?

I should also credit Will Robertson on bass and Matt Phillips on cornet and banjo-mandolin. That's his fancy, clunky strumming you hear. When we recording that part as an overdub, I don't think Matt expected us to keep that take. But it was so hilarious and all over the place, we had to keep it. And its perfect for the video.


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